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Z/Yen encourages you to share your experience and expertise on this Wiki. Here is a quick guide to contributing.

Creating a Profile

  1. Click on the ‘Log in/create an account’ link, this is in the top right-hand corner of all pages
  2. Then click on the ‘Create an account link

Creating & Indexing an Article

  1. Find a word/phrase you wish to expand upon
  2. Click ‘edit’ at the top of the relevant page and find this word/phrase (e.g. ‘How might we price counter-cyclicality?’)
  3. Replace this with [[INDEX:ARTICLE NAME|ORIGINAL TEXT]] where;
    • INDEX: can be either ZYen, LondonAccord, FinancialCentreFutures, Meta-Commerce, EternalCoin, ExtZy or RealTimeClub
    • ARTICLE NAME: is the title of your contribution
    • ORIGINAL TEXT: is the text that you found in the original page, from which you wish to create a link to your contribution
    e.g. [[Meta-Commerce:Pricing Counter-Cyclicality|How might we price counter-cyclicality?]]
  4. Click ‘Save Page’ at the bottom
  5. Click on your new link (shown as red text)
  6. Submit your contribution

Guide to Wiki Code

MediaWiki provides comprehensive explanations on how to go about editing Wiki’s.

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